6 Benefits of Camel Milk

Healthline published an article called 6 Surprising Benefits of Camel Milk (And 3 Downsides).

Article Highlights

  • Rich in nutrients
  • Better option for lactose intolerance or milk allergies
  • Lower blood sugar and insulin
  • Fight disease-causing organisms and boost immunity
  • Aid brain conditions and autism spectrum disorder
  • Easy to add to your diet

The above are the benefits. For more details and to read the three downsides, please read the full article.

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In Summary

Throughout history, camel milk has been a part of traditional diets for specific cultures and nomadic people. It has gained popularity in other cultures because of its health benefits as an alternative to bovine milk. Camel milk is more expensive than bovine milk; however, it is also available in powdered form.

Practical case studies are still out on the use of powdered camel milk, but we wanted to share the thoughts from some experts --

In our expert forum, they were debating the benefits of powdered form camel milk.

One of our experts said, "making powder is with processing that will destroy the bioactive agents of camel milk."

Another said, "I'm skeptical about powder, the positive results may be due to the other ingredients too."

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