Key Trends Shaping Dairy 2019

Leading up to the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2019, FoodBev Media looked at top trends shaping the international dairy industry.

#5 Camel Milk

There are now a whole host of cow’s milk alternatives hitting the shelves and while many of these are plant-based nut milks, there is a new dairy contender – camel milk. Milk from camels is said to taste more similar to cow’s milk than plant-based alternatives and also garners many more nutritional benefits, including showing to be effective in treating diabetes. Camel milk is also lower in fat and cholesterol and rich in protein, so as trends lead towards consumers seeking healthier products with higher proteins, camel milk demand is likely to be on the rise this year.

I drink camel milk -- named a 2019 top trend by FoodBev Media. #camelmilk #foodbev

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