Antioxidant Bioactive Peptides from Camel Milk Proteins

Camel milk has high levels of nutrients and bioactive components. This study explored the antioxidant peptides derived from protein fractions of camel milk.

Camel milk proteins (CMP) were fractionated into camel casein protein (CCP) and camel whey protein (CWP). Casein protein accounts for about 80 percent of milk protein. Each protein was hydrolyzed with pepsin to produce peptic digests P-CCP and P-CWP, respectively. 


The results showed both caseins and whey proteins possess bioactive peptides with significant radical-scavenging activities.

There's an opportunity for their potential as nutraceuticals or therapeutic peptides for the prevention and treatment of oxidative stress-associated diseases.

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  1. Ibrahim, H. R., Isono, H., & Miyata, T. (2018). Potential antioxidant bioactive peptides from camel milk proteins. Animal Nutrition,4(3), 273-280. doi:10.1016/j.aninu.2018.05.004

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